On the Beach Today

On the beach today I saw dads throwing their giggling children into the surf, mothers sharing a laugh with their teen daughters and complete strangers waving and smiling at one another.

On the beach today I saw an older white gentleman chase the errant, wind blown sand bucket of a young Indian girl as her mother and father looked on with laughter.

On the beach today I saw young couples holding hands as the surf lapped at their ankles talking of a future that was theirs alone.

On the beach today I saw couples with many years behind them gleefully watch grandchildren make their first attempt at riding boogie boards in the crashing waves.

On the beach today I saw joy and a love of life, fellowship among all races, creeds and age groups and the positive attitudes that make the difficulties of life just a little easier to bear.

Tonight, the sun will go down over beach camp fires. Worn out children and pets will settle in to dream of tomorrow while fondly remembering today. Parents will be thankful for a few quiet moments alone and strangers will bid one another good evening.

On the beach today, the world was at peace and the sad eyed newsmen were no where to be found.

I don’t know if I’ll be here when the sun rises tomorrow and neither do you, but if I am, I hope to see you on the beach.



2 thoughts on “On the Beach Today

  1. I am on the beach in spirit!

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  2. Thank you ma’am. Let the spirit lead you

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